The Path (Back) To Power: Political Strategy For Ontario’s 4 Major Parties

The Liberal Path Forward

The Green & NDP Path’s Forward

Bonus: Give The Conservatives A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

I’ll take a second to share a specific strategy that conservatives have used all over the globe but the centre-left to far-left parties can leverage in this election.

The Progressive Conservative Path Forward


Each party requires a different journey to the top of the mountain, as each represents different values. How those values are embraced (or rejected) by Ontarians will determine who wins the mandate to govern. Strategy, pragmatism, idealism, and luck will play fundamental roles in deciding who will lead Ontario into 2022 and beyond.

Poli Sci grad, Comms Strategist, great at remembering names and terrible at pronouncing them. I write on political psych, practical philosophy, and random stuff

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